About the Lifestyle Transformation Program

Body Refined does not have multiple programs, it’s one program, the Lifestyle Transformation Program!

The Lifestyle Transformation program includes, as needed: a non-nutritional approach to weight concerns by addressing the habits that serve as the basis of your current lifestyle, custom nutrition planning, athletic performance nutrition planning, weight-loss surgery intervention as well as post-bariatric surgery counseling & nutrition, prevention and management of acute & chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, PCOS, thyroid conditions, heart disease and many more, exercise prescription for weight training, toning & conditioning and distance running.

All new patients begin with a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity readiness as part of the Total Health Consultation that lasts approximately 2 hours. Depending on your location, it will be done in-person or remotely by video chat.

Though my office is in the DC Metropolitan area, I am not limited to my location and most are located in various states across the US and overseas, some are as far as countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The consultation fee is $400 and that includes: functional (lifestyle) assessment, nutrition & eating habits assessment, personal & family history review, nutrition education and body composition analysis.

After the completion of the consultation, you will be provided with a thorough summary of the 2-hour session, a recommendation about continuing on to the Lifestyle transformation program. The recommendation will be based on the overall assessment to determine your needs for ongoing support and if you are a good fit for the program with a final cost, to include the Full Consultation, of $2100 before potential discounts.

How to start the pre-screening process:

Click HERE for additional information and to complete the intake form to request an appointment to begin the pre-screening process.

Until then, please find the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a coach?

You don’t necessarily NEED a coach the same way you don’t NEED a personal trainer or a financial advisor.

Enlisting the support of a coach is a personal choice. If you are that person that says “I am serious about making this change and I’m going to finally do it”, why not give yourself every opportunity by getting some support from someone that has your best interest and will push your through when you want to quit? Coaching is a change catalyst and a support mechanism to help you see those changes through.

If you keep doing the things you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want something different to happen, if you want change for the better, then you must do something different and Body Refined will help make that change. What better way to ensure you accomplish your goal then to have someone that knows your fears, knows your body and will challenge you, encourage you, curb your excuses and tell you the hard truth.

Hiring a coach doesn’t make you inept, it just means you are about that business.

Who can benefit from a Body Refined program?

People of every shape, size, race, gender and background can benefit from the support of Body Refined, for many different reasons: whether you need that extra push to alleviate your fears, you need to make sure that personal roadblocks don’t stop you, you need assistance because you had unsustainable success losing weight/improving your health, or you don’t have a specific reason or goal in mind, but you have a desire for change or new sense of purpose.

People are not just interested in losing weight. Some clients come to Body Refined for the benefit of having someone in their corner. They want someone to push them past where they would normally stop on their own.

Setup an exploratory call. Let’s figure out where you are now, where you want to go and maybe we’ll find out if you too can benefit from the support of Body Refined.

How many sessions will I need?

Most programs are a standard 6 months with monthly sessions but it’s not limited to those 6 sessions as each program is customized to each individual. Everyone is different and may need more or face & telephone time.

Changes in your diet and lifestyle is a mindset change, so it may be determined that multiple appointments will be needed for accountability until we have come to a point of self-control and comfortable with the newly established habits.

Can I pay with my Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account?

If you participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you can use your benefits here!

FSA/HSA cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo can be used as eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses. Specific to Body Refined, the Service Type/Expense would be classified as or similar to:

Weight Loss Counseling (for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician – such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease; to improve or maintain general health; for treatment of a medical condition)
Weight Loss Program (for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician – such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease; to improve or maintain general health; for treatment of a medical condition)
Online or telephone consultation (Will qualify, so long as the consultation’s purpose is to obtain the advice to treat or mitigate a medical condition.)
Nutrition Therapy or Counseling: Including Assessment, Analysis & Consultation

The above listed expenses may or may not be eligible per your specific HSA/FSA Administrator (Bank). In addition to the required Invoice/Detailed Receipt, you may need to submit a Letter of Medical Necessity, signed by your doctor, to verify this expense is a medically-necessary treatment for a known medical condition.

Will I have to stop eating the foods I love?

It depends on whether the foods that you are eating are beneficially healthy for YOU. That will be determined at the consult and you can’t expect to improve your health eating the same foods that made you unhealthy in the first place.

What if I don’t like certain foods?

I get this question ALL the time. If you are a client who is struggling to lose weight or have a “relationship” with food, then you are most likely very fond of highly infused flavors in or on your foods. As a result, your palates struggle with foods that are not saturated with sugars, salts and fats, i.e., asparagus, oatmeal, mushrooms or whatever you dislike.

I am sure you have decided what you like before you bother to experience it or we allow that one bad experience (usually from childhood) stop us from even trying it. Knowing this bias can help you overcome your distastes to the certain foods you don’t like and hopefully learn to love them. Together we will learn the value of the foods you don’t like and keep trying the foods until it’s prepared in a way you like.

Nutrition plans are designed to transition you away from the high-glycemic, processed, saturated foods while introducing you to new, or even old, foods along the way.

How long is it going to take me to lose/gain the weight?

Most programs only focus on the physical aspect of getting in shape. Body Refined primarily focuses on the emotional and mental health aspects of improving your health while limiting the physical aspect until the base fundamentals are established.

Knowing that, how long it takes to meet your goals depends on several factors. Those factors include your current state of health relative to dropping your body fat at or below the max body fat percentage before it is considered a health risk.

An accurate prediction cannot be determined until you’ve been in the program for at least two months. It takes time to figure out your body and how it reacts to certain techniques. There are a multitude of factors but the key factor is you. If you’re consistent and honest throughout the program, you’ll see the greatest results in the shortest period of time. If you are committed to transforming your life, you’ll see the body fat disappear, while revealing the natural tone of your body, and an amazing new lifestyle.

Setup an exploratory call or send an email to set up your total health & nutrition consultation to get started on dropping your body fat into a healthy range and soon you will find out how long.

Can you help me gain weight?

If you have lost weight as a result of an illness, a change in your lifestyle, new nutritional requirements or you need to gain weight for a sport or just for general purposes, Body Refined can help you.

Body Refined understands that gaining weight can be just as challenging as losing weight. Your health coach will build a plan that gradually increases your nutritional intake to match or exceed your output (calories burned), while ensuring the specific macronutrients support a healthy increase in weight.

Please expect needing at least 4-8 sessions after the assessment for monitoring and support of your weight gain efforts. You will receive ample information from the assessment and then we can move on to implementing the changes and monitoring results.

What happens after you reach your goal?

This depends on each individual situation. Body Refined programs are a minimum period of at least 6 months. The programs are designed to help you to establish the habits that support a new healthy lifestyle while helping you to refrain from the habits that do not support your new lifestyle, the old habits.

Reaching your goal depends what you and your coach can comfortably conclude as an attained goal. Have you reached a point where you no longer need accountability? Have you mastered the concepts of what good nutrition is for you? Have you implemented a sustainable exercise regimen? Have you built the mental confidence to say no and not worry about what other people think?

If that goal has been attained, Body Refined will always be there to support you once you’ve reached your goal. There will be follow up emails, phone calls, video chats and face-to-face meetings to ensure you’re still in a good place. That will happen every month for the first 3 months then every 3 months thereafter for as long as you want the support of Body Refined.

Achieving a significant amount of long-term change, Body Refined recommends a period of between 6-12 months after a “goal” has been attained.

What is a Pre-Screening call?

I’m confident that working with me as your coach will provide you with tools, ideas and inspiration to shed those extra pounds once and for all – along with the support and accountability needed to overcome the challenges you’ll face along the way, and you have the opportunity to speak with Kurt, the Health Consultatn, to find out for yourself.

In speaking to Kurt you will have the opportunity to learn first-hand what the Lifestyle Transformation program is like as well as get answers to questions  to see if Body Refined is right for you.

This call is not an obligation to commit. Instead you will hear the voice of  the Health Consultant that has help so many people that have been where you are now. Share with him your goals and he’ll honestly tell you if the Body Refined program is right for you.

What can I expect during the consult?

During the consult we will discuss your career, personal and fitness history & goals, the objectives and reasons for wanting to work with Body Refined. We’ll review your medical history, including any medications and supplements you’re currently taking, as well as your current nutritional habits. We will assess your body composition and perform body measurements. Then we will discuss, in-depth, your lifestyle to get a sense of your stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels, exercise, and digestive function.

You will be required to complete foods logs prior to the consult to help discuss your metabolic type and cooking habits, and identify problem areas. With that information we will discuss how your current habits are impacting your health while educating you on what will improve your health.

At the close of the consult, Body Refined will recommend the best course of action and the tentative total time frame to reach the goal.

Depending on your location, the consults are conducted via Video Conference or Face-to-Face.

If you are interested but still have a few questions, I invite you to schedule a no obligation PRE-SCREENING CALL with Kurt, your Health Consultant, to discuss the suitability of the Body Refined program.