About Body Refined

Body Refined: Lifestyle & Weight Management consulting is centered around establishing habits that will help you to adjust your lifestyle which in turn will promote good health, the loss of the bad weight and preventing any potential ailments from developing or the elimination of ailments that you may currently have. There is no bounce back with Body Refined clients because you learn how your body works.

Although Body Refined has helped many clients "lose weight" as a result of them improving their health by way of lifestyle changes, please understand that this is not a weight loss, meal plan or quick fix program. This is a Lifestyle Transformation journey to instill the habits that will promote and sustain good mental, emotional and physical health. In the process, you will drop the bad weight and improve the natural performance of your mind & body.

The Body Refined approach is to identify the scope of the current state of your life then make the slight adjustments to improve your mental & emotional health to properly promote better physical health.

The reason for focusing on your life as a whole is because your health, physical health, is driven by your emotional and mental health, i.e., our coping mechanisms (food) and our relationships with friends, family and colleagues. This, as well as every other aspect of your life is what we can work on together to help you stop fluctuating your weight, your emotions, or wasting time/money on various programs, but more importantly, working to improve your mental and emotional health to a sound level that is rarely affected negatively.

The Mission

To attract and maintain clients by offering the most uniquely individualized, professional lifestyle & weight management program, and to promote the well-being of all clients through life coaching to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life.

About Kurt Dixon

Kurt, the Health Coach for Body Refined, is truly passionate about helping his clients. He is unquestionably dependable and sincere. He coaches toward a literal re-wire in his clients way of thinking, a complete 180. Thus their ability to adjust their lifestyle to promote good mental, emotional and physical health.

Kurt has a diverse background which enables him to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to his clients. His education, training and coaching experience in the fitness, health & nutrition industry are combined with his corporate background in operations management, performance improvement, organizational development and leadership.

Kurt has designed, developed and delivers the Body Refined programs and works with clients in a wide range of areas, from business, to career advancement, leadership development, to weight management. He loves working with people that truly want a change in their life for the better, are willing to work hard for it and be humble in getting the help they need.

Once you've made the decision to have Kurt as your coach, your guide, your friend, you can be assured and be content in the knowledge that someone totally reliable is covering your back.