Lifestyle & Weight Management consulting is centered around establishing habits that will help you to adjust your lifestyle which in turn will promote good health, the loss of the bad weight and preventing any potential ailments from developing or the elimination of ailments that you may currently have. There is no bounce back with Body Refined clients because you learn how your body works.


Body Refined will work with you in all aspects of your transformation – physical, psychological and emotional. This will enable you to go out in this crazy world and succeed at the highest level. Body Refined will keep you pointed towards where you want to go, rather than focus on the mishaps of the past. Once out in the world, a coach can’t live your life for you – it is up to you to go out and grab the bull by the horns; however Body Refined will still be there championing your efforts afar! Over the course of your transformation, your career, your life, Body Refined will be there for you during both the joy and the struggle, celebrating the accomplishments and helping you overcome the challenges.

Body Refined will push you towards the future with optimism, viewing the glass half full while your friends, by nature will be very pessimistic with good but quite often, bad intentions. Coaching from Body Refined will be understanding, yet at the same time brutally honest. To really make significant changes in your life you need a coach to hold you accountable for going after your goals.


Body Refined will teach you everything you need to know about food. What you should eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, when you should eat, and how often to eat. Most importantly I will teach you about the content of the foods, the macronutrients, i.e., proteins, carbs, fats, sugars, fiber, etc.

Most of us are aware of the addiction they have to food but almost no one is aware of what is driving the addiction. A Body Refined program will help you to discover the source of the addiction. This program will help you to develop the tactics to break the addiction while establishing the lifestyle habits needed to prevent a relapse. Body Refined strives to make the process as informative and enjoyable as possible. As we discuss your past and present eating habits, listening closely to better understand your current lifestyle and dietary intake, then work with you to establish better eating habits to help achieve the goal.

Body Refined is not a meal planning program. Yes, you can lose weight by adjusting your current diet and you would probably lose weight very quickly. Very similar to all the other programs you have tried but that type of weight loss is usually temporary. A meal plan (diet) without understanding of your own metabolic needs is a recipe for bounce back and bounce back in a big way, literally.

A Body Refined nutrition program is customized for you. We will design the plans based on the end goal. Once we reach that goal we design plans, together, that will help you to maintain your new healthy way of eating.


Body Refined has the education, certification and experience to be your online fitness coach. You will receive a personalized exercise program, you will experience an increased level of motivation and support to achieve your fitness and wellness goals, an increased consistency due to the accountability, and a source of knowledge available to you right at your fingertips due to the convenience and portability.

More importantly, the fitness coaching aspect of the Body Refined program is helping clients develop healthy lifestyle behaviors outside of structured exercise sessions. Although a 30-60 minute exercise session a couple days week is encouraged, it doesn’t offset the effects of sitting for extended periods of time.

So, Body Refined engages in daily activity monitoring, reporting and coaching to help to break up sitting time which will produce significant health and physiological benefits.

Body Refined gives its clients the reassurance that you are working with a qualified fitness professional to help you meet your goals and improve your overall health and fitness.


  • I love working with Body Refined because the use a holistic and integrative approach to promoting each client’s overall wellness. No quick fixes here, but instead lots of emphasis on dismantling the root causes of the things that are impeding overall health.

    – Alicia

  • Body Refined has been a Super Fantastic organization to work with. I have been a diabetic for over 18 years and with the help of Body Refined according to my A1C numbers I am now in the pre diabetic stage and moving towards not being a diabetic anymore which is my ultimate goal.

    – Joe

  • Body Refined has truly changed my life. I initially signed up for weight loss and have succeeded in weight loss and gained much more. Words can’t express my gratitude for Kurt Dixon and all that I have learned working with him over the last year. If you’re looking for a total life transformation I definitely recommend Body Refined!

    – Chandra

  • I highly recommend Body Refined, Inc. My experience has been remarkable! Mr. Dixon is honest, inspiring, and encouraging. I can honestly say that he has enlighten me on how to be the best me and has truly “saved” me from my death spiraling ways. So if you are committed and dedicated to embarking on a NEW healthy lifestyle then you should utilize Body Refined and Mr. Dixon.

    – Rosemary

  • It is unreal and truly a blessing to reach the age of 58 and feel like I did when I was in my 30’s. Physically, I like the size I am now, love the way my clothes look on me, and I don’t get depressed when looking in the mirror now. I feel more confident and attractive, and my self-esteem is better. To sum it up, ‘I like me again’.

    Thanks Kurt for all your teachings, coaching, and patience!

    – Valerie

  • Working with Kurt wasn’t an easy transition because the entire focus is a comprehensive change and that is not the approach of any help I had in the past. I felt that my life was being invaded but I eventually figured I need to deal with it and participate. And the payoff has been worth it!!

    – Karen

  • Let me say I’m HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. I’m so glad I reached out to Kurt because it’s the best decision I ever made. Kurt helped me with this Lifestyle change. He helped me to understand that it was more than nutrition and exercise. If it wasn’t for Kurt I would still be stressed, frustrated and overweight.

    – Syretta

  • This journey is more than a person’s gravitational pull on the earth which translates to pounds on the scale. The guidance you will receive from Body Refined is a holistic approach to a complete lifestyle transformation. You are worth the time and effort to invest in your health. Why not?

    – Melanie

  • He doesn’t just help you lose weight or workout. He has done so much more for me emotionally, physically, and mentally. He gets your life in order!

    – Rebecca

  • I have learned that many things impact your weight loss. I really used to think that exercise was the main way to lose weight. It is so much more than that. Weight loss is a completely systematic effort. Touching on just one factor out of the many, will do nothing. In comparison to what I have done in the past, Body Refined has made weight loss way easier for me.

    – Andria

  • My experience with Body Refined has been transformative. I mean that with sincerity. Unlike the other programs I’ve used, Body Refined has required intensive self-reflection alongside the ultimate accountability partner, which has led to better decision-making and a clearer understanding of what it means to be/feel healthy.

    – Konnie

  • Kurt taught me so much about how MY body works and he took the time to explain why all those other avenues were not working. I will not lie and tell you it was easy. It was not difficult but it was a challenge. A challenge for me to let go of the age old thinking that exercise causes weight loss and accept the basic changes I needed to make in my life in order for the weight to naturally come off.

    – Cici

  • Working with Kurt has been a positive experience. He listens to you and at the same time he will get your mind right if you fall off track. I know many times, he gave me several “good old pep talks,” and had to be direct and straightforward. He didn’t sugar coat the truth for me. Lol. I thank him for doing that during this process.

    – Lavon

  • A no-nonsense, no gimmicks approach based on a solid foundation. He helped me apply what I learned in physiology classes to my weight loss. I told him my lofty goal. He didn’t hesitate. After getting to know my history, he developed a diet/exercise…no, a lifestyle program designed specifically for me. I am very pleased with my body’s transformation so far. Highly recommend this!

    – Lisa

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